Personalised Wedding Golf Balls

If you are looking for personalised golf balls as wedding favours for your wedding or would like to gift golf balls personalised with wedding theme we offer a wide range of wedding golf balls in various colours and brands.

These balls come with a pre-printed design on one side of the brand of golfball of your choice.  You are also able to add your own photo, text, or logo to the other side if you wish.  

We also now offer several designs which we customise for you.  These are perfect if you don't want just plain text or a generic image.  They come in a range of print-colour options, too, which can coordinate with your wedding colours.  

Please note, we use pad printing on blue and purple colour golf balls, which creates permanent print and can include up to 5 colours. The minimum quantity for blue and purple golf balls is 144 golf balls. Other colours can be printed digitally and in smaller quantities.

  1. High 2 items
  1. Just Married Ball 1
    Just Married Ball 1
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  2. Wedding golf balls for an Usher | Best4Balls
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  3. Wedding Heart Golf Ball with Names | Best4Balls
    Wedding Heart
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  4. Cherub with Initials
    Cherub with Initials
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  5. Groom
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  6. Bride
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  7. Mother of the Groom
    Mother of the Groom
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  8. Father of the Groom
    Father of the Groom
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  9. Just Married 2
    Just Married 2
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  10. Entwined Hearts
    Entwined Hearts
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  11. Father of the Bride Golf Ball Table Setting | Best4Balls
    Father of the Bride
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  12. Best Man/Groomsman
    Best Man/Groomsman
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  13. Mother of the Bride
    Mother of the Bride
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  14. Maid of Honour/Bridesmaid
    Maid of Honour/Bridesmaid
    15.996001 £16.00 per box
  15. Female Bridal Party
    Female Bridal Party
    21.996001 £22.00 per box
  16. Male Bridal Party
    Male Bridal Party
    21.996001 £22.00 per box