Novelty Golf Balls

We have an excellent selection of novelty and joke golf balls available for gift items or for the golfer that wants to play with something different.
They are all ideal presents and all the novelty balls can be used on the golf course and will perform like normal golf balls.

We‘ re open and delivering. See latest COVID_19 information here →

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  1. Practical Joke Prank Golfer's Joke Balls | Best4Balls
    Prank Golfer's Joke Balls
    4.992001 £4.99
  2. Baseball Novelty Golf Ball | Best4Balls
    8.988001 £8.99
  3. Masters Golf - Eyeline Balls Of Steel (PE154)
    Putting Eyeline Golf - Balls of Steel
    12.000001 £12.00 24.996001 £25.00