Wilson Golf Balls

Whether you are a premium player or a recreational one, Wilson golf balls offer something for every golfer. Coming from a trusted brand, Wison golf balls provide you with not only a great game, but exceptional value.

A Leader in Low Compression Golf Balls

Our Wilson golf balls are packed in sleeves of three within the dozen or 15 ball boxes and we stock the full range for both men and ladies. 
You can personalise any of our Wilson golf balls with a special message, picture or logo.

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Free shipping is available for 6 or more boxes and orders are shipped the same working day if placed before 3pm (excluding logo or personalised orders).

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Wilson Tour Velocity Feel Golf Balls
Available as a 15 ball pack the Wilson Tour Velocity Feel is a soft ball which give excellent feel and control around the green. It is suitable for players with a high handicap and for any swing speed.

Wilson-Staff Duo Optix Golf Balls
The Wilson-Staff Duo Optix come in five vide matte colours, red, orange, yellow, pink and green. It has a smaller core and a high resilience polybutadiene cover offering more distance and exceptional feel with a straighter finish off the tee. The semi translucent high visibility cover allow you to easily track the ball or locate it in all types of ground cover, while the matte finish minimises glare from the sun off the ball.

Wilson-Staff Duo Soft + and Womens Duo Soft Golf Balls
A premium Wilson ball the Duo Soft is a longer and softer 2-piece ball with a new Velociticor core which gives even more distance performance . The new core formulation offers the lowest compression value of any soft ball out there. Ideal for mid to high handicap golfers and those with low/medium swing speeds (up to 80mph)

Wilson-Staff Duo Professional Golf Balls
A super low 60 compression ball which has incredible feel on impact. Offering just as much distance as any of the competitive 3-piece balls and 6% more iron spin for a tour level performance. This new core formulation offers the lower compression value of any soft ball out there. Ideal for low handicap golfers, low 60 compressions, 632 seamless dimple pattern, cast urethane cover, mid-hardness Ionomer Mantle.

Wilson-Staff PX3 Soft Golf Balls
Staff have used a soft, high velocity core design that optimises distance off the longer clubs. 302 pan head dimple pattern minimizes drag for improved ball flight. Low drivers spin, soft feel, responsive cover, explosive distance, high greenside spin.

Wilson Staff Model and Model R Golf Balls
A 4-piece ball which delivers unrivalled precision, speed and consistency. With a flawless finish these golf balls are painted using a finely controlled application process which ensures each ball leaves the factory with a near perfect finish, this great improves the balls performance The Staff Model has a unique V-Cor core composition which maximises velocity off the clubface for greater distance. Combined with the 4-layers which give better distance control and unmatched distance the 3SIX2 seamless urethan cover with a 362 dimple pattern allows smooth airflow around the ball for lower trajectory and maximum distance. The Staff Model R offers the same amazing features as the Model but are uniquely feature an unpainted urethane finish which delivers low flight trajectory and literally grabs at the wedge surface for enhanced greenside spin.