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Golf Balls

This is our selection of plain golf balls, sold in boxes of a dozen which contain 4 sleeves of three balls. From all major manufacturers all orders placed before 3pm are shipped the same day.

All of our golf balls can be personalised from this golf balls page by using the customiser once you click through to each ball. An addtional charge of £6 per box is added if you choose to have your golf balls printed. This can also be done from our personalised golf balls pages (prices include printing). Personalised golf balls take 3-5 working days to print.

We stock golf balls from all the major manufactuers including Titleist, Srixon, Callaway, TaylorMade and Wilson. We offer the largest selection of golf balls online, and we print and ship our golf balls from our warehouse here in the UK.
Our professional team have over 30 years experience, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need help selecting golf balls for yourself, for a friend or for a company. 

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We offer the biggest selection of golf balls in the UK and Europe. Our website is checked regularly to ensure we offer the best selection and prices. Most of our golf balls are available using our logo and personalised services for corporate or personal use.  We are official retail partners for the most popular golf brands including Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade etc.- which means not only do we carry the largest range of golf balls, but you can shop with confidence.

All of our balls can be purchased plain, or easily custom printed with a photo, text, or company logo.

If you want to personalise a plain golf ball, just click the red Personalise button to launch the customiser.  You'll be able to add text, upload a photo or logo, and crop your image as needed before you add it to your cart.  The printing cost will be charged accordingly - £6 for the first side, and an additional £4 for printing on the second side.

Need help selecting the right golf balls for your game?

If you have a budget in mind, please use our main menu to select a golf ball based on your budget.
Choosing the correct golf balls for your game isn't easy, as you have many factor to consider including the feel, trajectory, spin, durability, flight etc.
Here is some important information that should help when choosing the right golf ball for your game.


  • Are men's and ladies golf balls the same?
    Ladies golf balls are usually softer than men's golf balls, which is the overall compression of the golf ball.
    Players with slower swing speed will often benefit from a lower compression golf ball, which can help improve distance. Higher swing speeds will usually need a higher compression golf ball.
    Ladies golf balls can be used by men who have slower swing speeds, and ladies with higher swing speeds may benefit from using a standard men's golf ball.
  • Should I play a hard or soft feeling golf ball (compression)?
    This is down to the individual player, as some players prefer a softer or harder feeling golf ball.
    Most budget golf balls have a hard feel as they are often a standard two piece construction (similar to range golf balls). These include Srixon Distance, Wilson Boost, Callaway Warbird, TaylorMade Distance + etc.
    Our mid-range golf balls often have a very different feel, and there are different options within this range. For example the Srixon Softfeel is softer than the Srixon AD333 and have different ball flight. They are both similar priced 2 piece construction golf balls, but the compression is different.
    Our premium golf balls all differ incliding the distance, flight, feel, spin and contriol. This is important for the low handicap players when choosing the best golf balls for their game.
    The best-selling Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x perform differently, and the ProV1 will feel slightly softer than the ProV1x.
  • Should I buy a premium golf ball for the best results?
    Not necessarily, you should consider the amount of golf that you play and also your standard of golf.
    If you only play a few rounds per year, you should look for a golf ball that suits your game. You could spend £50 per dozen on Titleist ProV1, TaylorMade TP5 etc. but if you're not playing to a good enough standard you will not feel the benefit, and it could be expensive.
    Lower handicap players will definitely benefit from more control when playing a premium tour golf ball.
  • What's the best golf ball trajectory?
    The trajectory of the golf ball is determined by the golf club and the player.
    Some players hit a low trajectory ball flight and may benefit from a higher trajectory golf ball.
    If the ball launches too low or too high this will reduce the carry (distance) of the golf ball.
    Our premium Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x offer different ball flights especially with a driver This is why some tour players play ProV1 and others play ProV1x golf balls. The Titleist ProV1 has a lower ball flight, which may benefit players that launch the ball slightly too high.
  • Can I choose a ball based on how far I hit it?
    Players that hit a long ball may benefit for using a premium golf balls, but should also consider your ability (handicap), and other factors like spin rate, trajectory etc.
    If you have a slow swing speed and don't hit the ball very far, maybe look to try a low compression ball which may help increase your distance.
  • Do some golf balls go straighter than others?
    Some golf balls are designed to go straighter than others, but usually it's the golfer and his/her club path and face which is more important.
    If you swing across the ball (out to in) this could result in a pull, slice or fade. The opposite for an in-to-out swing path, which could result in a push, hook or draw.
    You can find more information online about the straightest golf balls, but these are out top 5 from testing in our indoor simulator. Titleist Velocity, TaylorMade Tour Response, Titleist Trufeel, Callaway Chrome Soft and Srixon AD333.
  • What is spin?
    The spin of the golf ball is measured in RPM, and this is very important factor when selecting the correct golf ball for your game. Our premium golf balls will spin more than other golf balls due to the construction and softer cover of the golf balls.
    Premium tour golf balls are usually 3, 4, or 5 piece construction with a softer cover to help improve control for the better players. The spin rates are different for each tour golf ball. You can see the different spin rates if you have a lesson or ball fitting using a radar system.
    If the spin rate is too high or too low with a driver this will reduce the ball distance. Greenside spin is also very important for control, so it should not be too high or low.

    We would recommend having a golf ball fitting to find the golf balls that are best for your game.
  • Titleist Golf Balls
    Still the #1 choice for golf balls in the world, and they offer an excellent line-up for most golfers.
    ProV1 and ProV1x are the most popular tour golf balls, and are available in both white and yellow. The ProV1 has a different flight, spin and feel to the ProV1x, so check those details before you give them a try. The ProV1 golf ball has a 3 piece construction and the ProV1x is a 4 piece ball.
    Titleist AVX is also a premium three piece ball and is becoming more popular each year. It is used by tour players and offers a lower flight and spin, compared to the ProV1 and ProV1x.
    Titleist Tour Soft is a excellent two piece golf ball for mid to low handicap players. It's considerably cheaper than the ProV1 and AVX, but still offers excellent spin, soft feel and distance.
    Titleist Velocity golf balls are one of our most popular two piece mid-range golf balls, and are available in various colours. It's designed for high speed and high launch, and it's extremely durable.
    Titleist Trufeel are extremely popular for higher handicap golfers that have a lower budget. It offers excellent distance and durability, and is the lowest priced ball in the Titleist Range
  • Callaway Golf balls
    Callaway are also very popular golf balls and they have an excellent range of balls to suit your game.
    Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome SoftX golf balls are their flagship balls which perform really well. They also offer a LS (low spin) version which may suit golfers than generate too much spin with their clubs.
    The Chrome SoftX is a 4 piece construction and the Chrome Soft is a 3 piece ball. The Chrome Soft has a different flight and feel to the Chrome SoftX , which are slightly firmer golf balls.
    Callaway ERC golf balls are also available as 'triple track' to help alignment. It's slightly cheaper than the Chrome Soft and 'X' golf balls and offers a softer feel and lower spin rate.
    The ERC has a compression of just 60, so it's softer than the average golf ball.
    We would recommend this ball for a low to mid-handicap player who's looking for soft feel golf ball with good control. The Callaway ERC golf ball is available in white and yellow.
    Callaway Supersoft golf balls are one of our most popular mid-range balls. It's considerably cheaper than the Chrome Soft and 'X' golf balls and offers a very soft feel and excellent distance.
    It's a low spin ball, so no ideal for the better player who's looking for better control around the greens. We usually have white, yellow and pink Supersoft balls in stock.
    Callaway Warbird golf balls is an excellent choice budget ball, offering exceptional distance and durability.
  • Srixon Golf Balls
    Another popular brand of golf balls, that have a superb choice for all types of golfers.

    Srixon Z-Star, Z-Star Diamond and Z-StarXV are popular tour golf balls and they are available in both white and yellow. These balls have a different launch, spin rate, spin and distance to suit all levels of low handicap and tour players. The Z-StarXV has a 4 piece construction, whereas the Z-Star and Diamond are a 3 piece construction ball.
    Srixon Q-Star Tour is also a 3 piece ball aimed at low handicap players. It offers good control, distance and feel, so it's a good choice for golfers with a lower budget.
    Srixon AD333 is one of our most popular mid-range balls and offer great value for money. It's considerably cheaper than the Q-Star Tour but still offers good distance, durability and feel.
    Srixon Softfeel is another popular mid-range ball and is available in both men's and ladies in various colours. The Softfeel lady is our most popular ladies ball, due to the price, durability and performance.
    Srixon Distance is extremely popular for higher handicap golfers that have a lower budget. It offers maximum distance and durability, and is the lowest priced Srixon ball.
  • TaylorMade Golf Balls
    One of the biggest names in golf and they have an excellent choice of golf balls to compliment their golf clubs range.

    TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are very popular tour golf balls and they are available in some great designs and colours. The both offer different launch, spin rate and distance to suit all levels of low handicap and tour players. The TP5 is slightly softer and has a higher spin rate compared to the TP5x.
    These tour balls are a 5 piece construction, so slightly different to other 3 and 4 piece tour golf balls.
    TaylorMade Tour Response is an excellent 3 piece ball aimed at low handicap players. It offers good control, distance and it's a fairly low 70 compression golf ball.
    Taylormade Soft Response golf balls are even softer at just 50 compression. It's a very popular mid-range ball and offers good value for money. It's cheaper than the Tour Response but still offers good distance, durability and feel.
    TaylorMade Distance + is a pure distance ball for higher handicap golfers with a lower budget. It will feel harder than the other TaylorMade golf balls but it will travel further for the average golfer.
  • Bridgestone Golf Balls
    A leading golf ball manufacturer, that has a superb choice of golf balls for all golfers.

    They have an extensive Tour B Range to suit all low handicap players. The Tour RX and RXS are for slower swings speeds, designed to improve distance and ensure great control around the greens. The Tour BX and XS are for faster swing speeds and offer slightly different feel and control.
    These balls have a different launch, spin rate, spin and distance to suit all levels of low handicap and tour players. The Tour B range are a 3 piece construction ball and available in both white and yellow.
    Bridgestone E12 Contact golf balls are also a 3 piece construction, but developed for mid-handicap players. It offers good distance and spin, and is also one of the straightest golf balls on the market.
    Bridgestone E6 golf balls are our most popular Bridgestone balls. It's considerably cheaper than other Bridgestone balls but also offers excellent performance and durability.
    Bridgestone Lady Precept golf balls are considered one of the best lady golf balls for sale. It's an extremely soft golf ball, offering extra distance for the slower swing speeds. 
  • Wilson Golf Balls
    Wilson also offer golf balls to suit most golfers of all abilities..

    The Wilson Staff Model and Staff Model R are their premium golf balls, giving the best performance and control. They are both 4 piece construction, and the Model R has a slightly lower flight and higher spin rate.
    The Wilson Triad golf balls is also a tour performance ball, but it's a 3 piece construction with a very thin outer cover.
    Wilson Duo Soft+ is our most popular Wilson ball. It's available in various different colours and there is also a Lady Duo+ golf ball. Wilson claim that it's the softest golf ball in the world with a compression of just 35.
    Wilson Boost golf balls is an excellent budget ball, offering exceptional distance and durability.

    All of our golf balls can be purchased with or without personalisation.
    Choose from a huge selection of golf balls from all the major manufacturers, and compare our excellent prices! We have been selling golf balls for many years, which is why we offer the largest range in Europe, and our shipping is competitive and very fast. Place an order today and you'll be surprised how fast we can print and deliver your golf balls to you.
    Our golf balls range has increased for this year so that we have golf balls to suit men, ladies, seniors and junior golfers. You can filter the golf balls by brand or price, choose balls specifically design for ladies or if you have a preferred colour of ball we have put these balls into easy to find categories.
    If you order before 3pm we usually ship the same day (unless personalised) and we offer free shipping for orders of 6 dozen golf balls or more.