Embroidery Details

Embroidery information:

All of our embroidery is completed in house so that we can offer customer focused and efficient service.

The maximum embroidery area varies depending on the item that you are ordering. Please refer to the individual product you are interested in for specific sizing and dimensions.
Our online costs include simple logos and text. There may be an additional charge for more complex designs. Usually we include up to 8,000 stitches, and costs will increase slightly for designs with higher stitch costs.
Sometimes we have to digitise your design, and the cost for this usually an extra £20-£30 (can be higher on more complex designs). 

The left image below shows an example of a complex logo that was embroidered onto one of our Titleist Travel Covers. With multiple colours, this Shanghai Cup Logo fine detailing has over 14,000 stitches, this was individually priced for our customer.

The right image below shows an even more complex design with just under 30,000 stiches, multiple colours and an embroidery time of nearly 40 minutes. 

Both of these designs were digitised and priced indicidually for our customers.

Once your logo has been set up for digitisation there are no further set up costs for future orders. There will also be no further cost to change the colours after your logo has been digitised.


We embroider lots of our items with just initials, names or messages.
For best results you may have to limit your text especially for small items. For example a golf bag has a maximum embroidery area of 100mm, so we suggest only 10-14 characters per line (max. 3 lines). For larger items we can increase the embroidered to say 20 characters. If at any time we feel that your request will no longer appear clearly we will inform you and suggest the best alternatives.


Simple and more complex logos can be embroidered and we include up to 8,000 stitches in the price of the items.
Our designers will check the logo first before they start the process of getting the logo ready for embroidery.
There may be an additional charge of around £20 - £30 for complex embroidery which is the digitisation fee.

Please see some examples below of Logos that have been digitised at an extra cost.

Please drop us an email if you would like us to check if your logo is suitable for embroidery. We may contact you after you have placed your order to discuss digitisation of your logo, if this is necessary there will be an additional charge for this (see above).

In some instances it may not be possible to embroider your logo, or we may have to simplify. If this is the case, we will email you will alternative options or call to discuss.

Photos and full colour designs

Photos and full colour logos are usually printed full colour onto vinyl and then heat pressed onto the item or depending on the product, printed directly. We can print directly on to white as shown below. This is to ensure that the result is the same as the image that you have uploaded, which can included multiple colours and graduation.

Embroidery size and position

The embroidery size can vary and our production team will usually decide on the best size for the item. For example, a logo may be embroidered at a size of 100mm onto a large travel bag, but the same logo could be 50mm on a golf shirt.

Text embroidery: Usually we embroider initials smaller than full names otherwise the text may look too large. 
If you would like your logo or design at a specific size please notify us at the time of ordering.

Please check the position of the embroidery on the product.
If you order a large quantity our design team will send a detailed visual proof before production starts.

Thread colours
We carry a large selection of thread colours for embroidery so usually it is possible to match most colours within a design.


If you need us to match a thread colour with your pantone number we can help alternatively if you have the pantone reference numbers, please let us know when in the note section at checkout. 

Sometimes we will have to order in special thread colours to match designs, and this can delay the order slightly.

We use the Madeira Classic threads. 100% natural rayon viscose machine embroidery thread with exceptional high sheen for sophisticated embroidery work. Threads are made from the highest quality raw materials to ensure unsurpassed tensile strength. Soft and flexible offering outstanding productivity capabilities, perfect for all embellishment styles across all market sectors.

No substances of animal origin are used in the production of Madeira’s classic rayon embroidery threads.

Urgent orders.
Our embroidery team are very efficient and orders are usually shipped before the estimated delivery dates as all of our embroidery is completed in house.

If you have an urgent request, please let us know and we will try to meet your deadline.

Copyright Declaration. In order to use a design on our products you represent and warrant that: You are the owner of the content or the content is in the public domain. You have the legal right and authority to reproduce the design. You have knowledge as to any third-party claims regarding the intellectual property. The content does not infringe the rights of privacy, celebrity, moral or other rights of any third party. The work is not defamatory or obscene. The content does not contain illegal material. reserves the right to object or make changes to printing that may be obscene or conflict with this copyright declaration.

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