If you have a group photograph or image with a lot of background, be aware that in order to fit as much of the image as possible on the ball, the main focus of the image may be very small.

For best results where possible try to choose photos with just a couple of faces close together or crop our any unnecessary background.

An example of this is below:

vs group ball 2

If you're ordering personalised printing onto a coloured ball, please be aware that colour on colour can produce undesired results. For best results on lighter coloured golf balls we recommend black or navy text or a dark logo. For darker coloured balls such as red, orange or purple we can now print white which we suggest produces the best results. For printing white text select the black option and we will revert to white. When printing photographs onto coloured golf balls we will put down a white base then print the photograph on top as we will often see distortion if a coloured image is printed onto a coloured golf ball, such a printing onto coloured paper.

If you have concerns about printing onto a coloured ball or you would like any advice, please contact customer service who will be able to assist you further, 01491 526107