Personalised Golf Balls - FAQ's

How long will it take to print my order?

Your personalised golf balls will be printed and shipped within 3-5 working days of placing the order.
Learn more about printing lead times on personalised golf balls here.

Are there any extra costs for printing or a set up charge?

No setup and printing is included for side one. For printing onto side two we do charge an additional £4.

I selected next-day delivery, why is the estimated delivery date not showing the 'next day'?
The standard printing lead time for personalised golf balls is 3-5 working days, plus delivery.
The printing time is shown within the customiser when you personalised your golf balls and can be upgraded to one of our express services.
When placing your order please select the printing time you require within the customiser (standard printing and dispatch is 3-5 working days). Delivery times need to be added to your printing times. An estimated delivery date will be shown at the checkout section once you have selected your delivery method.

How much text can I have printed?

There is a maximum of 3 lines of text on both sides of the ball and to make it readable you should limit the wording to a maximum of 14 characters otherwise it starts to get too small. Within the customiser you can make the text larger or smaller and this will be shown on the visual which you see on screen. You can play around with this until you are happy with it. Don't add it to your shopping cart until you are completely happy, otherwise you will have to go back and start again.

Can I have one picture on the front and another printed on the back of the golf ball?

Yes. We charge just an extra £4 per box for the additional image on side two. When you are within the customiser make sure you click the continue to side two button then upload your image or text for side two.

Can I have a different picture or text printed on each ball?

Yes, but this will be a bespoke order, so please email us at or call us for a quotation.

What format of picture do you require?

The best format is a high resolution JPG or PNG file. The higher quality image the better the print. If you have any queries about the format of your image drop us an email and will can advise you.

How many people can you print on the golf ball?

The best results, we advise just the head and shoulders of 1 or 2 people.

We can print a group photo but the picture may print small. Just remember that the maximum print area is approximately 22mm.

Can you edit my picture to extract just a face for me?

Yes! If you would like the image cropped in any way, drop us an email once you have placed your order and we can amend this for you.

I only have a printed photograph, is this any good?

Maybe, we would advise taking a photo with your phone and then check the quality before uploading it online. 

Can I have whatever I like printed onto my golf balls?

Within reason yes, we do however reserve the right to censor any explicit words without prior warning or refuse to print images which we deem offensive. Wherever possible we will contact you in advance to advise you however this cannot be guaranteed during busy periods.

Will the image wear off?

Our personalised service is a semi-permanent digital print. Whilst it is fairly durable the image will gradually wear off, we would expect the print to last around 9-18 holes and the durability will vary depending on the ball choice and playing conditions.  Through our testing we have identified that the Srixon Distance and Srixon Soft Feel balls have a cover which does impede the durability we would recommend swapping to the Srixon AD333 which we do know is more durable. You can always give us a call or send an email for further recommendations.

What colour text can you print?

Within the customiser you will see a selection of colours that we offer.
Bare in mind the colour of the ball when selecting your text colour, lighter balls look better with dark text and vice versa.

What fonts can you print?

We have selected fonts which we give the best results when printing, these are listed within the customiser when you personalise. 
If you require a specific font it's best to create a design in a package such as Photoshop, then upload this as an image.

What is the minimum number of balls you can print?

The personalised service has no minimum order so you can order just one box of 12 or 15 balls.

Do you offer visual proofs?

We don't offer visual proof for our personalised service but we can if you go through the logo service. For more information about this take a look at the Logo Balls (Corporate) Category.

Further Information

To discuss your requirements or to place an order please call us on: 01491 526107.
Or email us at:

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