How long will it take to print my order?

Your personalised golf balls will be printed within 2-3 working days of placing the order.
Learn more about lead times on personalised golf balls here.

Can I get my printing done on a different make of golf ball?

Yes! You can get the printing done on any of our range of balls (with the exception of the Callaway Truvis balls).

Are there any extra costs for printing or a set up charge?

No! The only additional cost is P&P as displayed on the website.

I selected next-day delivery on my personalised order but didn’t receive my balls the day after I ordered them?

Personalised orders require printing and processing. The printing lead time is shown within the customiser and can be upgraded to one of our express services here. Estimated delivery times start once your order has been printed and dispatched. When placing the order please select the printing time you require within the customiser (standard printing and dispatch is 2-3 working days). Delivery times need to be added to your printing lead time to give an idea of when you will receive your order, an estimated number of days for delivery will be shown at the checkout section once you have selected your delivery method.

I don't like ordering online can I phone up with my order?

As an online company we do take all orders through the website. This means that you see that exact details of your order and can approve the visual which you see on-screen before submitting. We are able to take orders via email again this means that you have a written record of what you have asked for and we have something to refer to when processing.

How much text can I have printed?

There is a maximum of 3 lines of text on both sides of the ball and to make it readable you should limit the wording to a maximum of 15 characters otherwise it starts to get too small to read. Within the customiser you can make the text larger or smaller and this will be shown on the visual which you see on screen. You can play around with this until you are happy with it. Don't add it to your shopping cart until you are completely happy otherwise you will have to go back and start again.

Can I have one picture on the front and another printed on the back of the golf ball?

Yes! It will only cost an extra £4 per box for the additional image. When you are within the customiser make sure you click the red button continue to side two then upload your image or text for side two.

Can I have a different picture or text printed on each ball?

Yes you can! Please email us at or call us for a quotation.

What format of picture do you require?

The best format is a high resolution JPG or PNG file. The higher quality image the better the print. If you have any queries about the format of your image drop us an email and will can advise you.

How many people can you print on the golf ball?

The best results are obtained if you just print the head and shoulders of 1 or 2 people. You can print more but the picture image starts to get a bit small. If you do have a group shot make sure to crop out any unnecessary background before committing to your shopping cart.

Can you edit my picture to extract just a face for me?

Yes! If you would like the image cropped in any way, drop us an email once you have placed your order and we can amedn this for you.

I only have a printed photograph, is this any good?

I am afraid not. What you should do is scan the photo into your (or a friends) computer then you can email us the picture.

Can I have whatever I like printed onto my golf balls?

Within reason yes, we do however reserve the right to censor any explicit words without prior warning or refuse to print images which we deem offensive. Wherever possible we will contact you in advance to advise you however this cannot be guaranteed during busy periods.

Will the image wear off?

This particular method of printing is semi-permanent, the image will gradually wear with use, the timescale of this does vary due to course conditions and from golfer to golfer.

What colour text can you print?

All colours! (including white).

Can I have a photo printed onto a coloured golf ball?

Yes, but the results may not be as good as printing onto a white ball, some distortion of colour may occur when you print colour onto a coloured ball such as printing onto a coloured piece of paper. We will usually put down a layer of white before printing a photograph onto a coloured ball. Our customer services team can help with any queries like this

What fonts can you print?

Almost any, please let us know what you require.

What is the minimum number of balls you can print?

The smallest order we take is just 1 box of 12 balls using our Personalised Golf Balls service.

What if I want a larger order?

For orders over 12 dozen you should use our Logo Golf Balls service

To discuss your requirements or to place an order please call us on: 01491 526107.
Or email us at: