How long will it take to print my order?

Your logo golf balls will be shipped within 5-7 working days after approval of the printing proof.

Can I get my printing done on a different make of golf ball or product?

Yes! You can get the printing done on any of our range of balls. We also offer a wide range of complimentary logo golf items such as towels, pitch forks, ball markers, and more.

Are there any extra costs for printing or a set up charge?

There is no additional charge for basic 1-2 colour in our Pad Printing logo process. 3-4 colours cost an additional £1.00 per dozen.

I selected next-day delivery on my logo order but didn’t receive my balls the day after I ordered them?

Logo orders require proof approval before printing can start, this usually happens within the first 24 hours. After approval, the 5-7 working day lead time for logo orders begins. There are express printing options (2-3 working days) available for Logo orders, but even these are subject to the proof approval process. Delivery options are in addition to printing lead times.

How much text can I have printed?

There is a maximum of 3 lines of text on both sides of the ball and to make it legible you should limit the wording to a maximum of 15 characters otherwise the writing becomes too difficult to read.

Logo Golf Ball Print Area

Can I have one picture on the front and another printed on the back of the golf ball?

Yes. This is called double-pole printing and costs an additional £2.00 per dozen.

Can I have a different picture or text printed on each ball?

Due to the nature of the pad printing process, it is not possible to put a different picture on each ball. If you need less than 12 dozen balls, and a different picture on each ball, we recommend our Personalised printing service which utilizes a digital printing process. Feel free to email or call us for a quotation.

What format of logo do you require?

For the pad printing process, we need logos to be in vector format - .ai, .eps, or .pdf. Vector files are special because they can be rescaled bigger or smaller with no loss of image quality. Be aware that not all .pdf's preserve the vector information we require and we may contact you if there is an issue with your logo. If you do not have a vector version of your logo, our in-house design team can redraw it for an additional £15 fee. If you require a logo redraw - it is very important to provide us with the highest quality version of your logo that you have available.

Will the image wear off?

The pad printing process for logo balls is permanent.

Can I have a logo printed onto a coloured golf ball?

Yes, but the results may not be as good as printing onto a white ball, depending on the colour of the ball and photo.

Our business uses a specific font and specific Pantone colour. Can you accommodate?

We can print any Pantone colour you require, please let us know what your specifications are. Sometimes certain commercial fonts are unavailable to us, but most designers are aware of this issue and take steps within the vector file format to avoid missing-font issues. If your logo has been made professionally this is unlikely to be a problem.

What is the minimum number of balls you can print?

The minimum order for Logo Balls is 12 dozen.

What if I want a smaller order?

For orders over less than 12 dozen, please use our Personalised service.

To discuss your requirement or to place an order please call us on: 01491 526107.
Or email us at: