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Srixon Golf Balls

Srixon golf balls are a very popular choice here at Best4Balls, with two of the most popular ball being the  Srixon Distance and the AD333. Srixon golf balls offer quality and excellent value for money, and their range of golf balls includes white and coloured balls for men, ladies and senior golfers. 

Our Srixon golf balls are packed in sleeves of three within the dozen boxes and we stock the full range for both men and ladies. You can personalise any of our Srixon golf balls with a special message, picture or logo in full colour. Our personalised golf balls are all printed 'in house', and these Srixon balls are usually shipped within 1-3 days of placing your order online.

For corporate logo orders of 12+ dozen please see our Srixon logo golf balls page.
Free shipping is available for 6 or more boxes and orders are shipped the same working day if placed before 3pm (excluding logo or personalised orders).

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Srixon Golf Balls
We have simplified the features and benefits for Srixon golf balls, making it easier for you to choose the correct golf balls for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Our PGA Professional staff have categorised the balls to ensure that you buy the right golf ball to suit your handicap. If you’re unsure about the handicap you can select by price or use our simple budget, mid-range or premium golf ball selector.

Here are some features about our Srixon golf balls which we hope you will find useful:

Srixon Z-Star/XV Golf Balls
Srixon offer two tour golf balls - the Z-Star and the Z-Star XV, which are also available in yellow.
These are Srixon's premium golf balls, aimed at a better player to ensure they get both maximum distance with the woods, and maximum spin with the irons. We would recommend these Srixon golf balls for single figure handicap players or lower, although many higher handicap players can still benefit from the excellent spin rate. These golf balls are ideal for low handicap players with swing speeds between 80mph and 105mph.
The Z-Star is a 4-piece constructed golf ball, with a Dual-Core which creates maximum distance on long shots. The very thin Urethane cover results in a soft feel and a high spin on approach shots and around the green.
The Z-Star XV offers a lower ball flight which is ideal for golfers who produce a little too much spin. The feel is also a little firmer than the Z-Star golf ball.
These Srixon golf balls are the first choice for many PGA Professionals around the world.

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls
Because of its all-round performance and value for money, the AD333 has been our best selling Srixon golf ball since 2008. The Srixon AD333 is also available in Yellow, which is really popular for winter golf, poor light conditions or just to stand out on the golf course. The AD333 has newly advanced 2nd generation SpinSkin Technology and a 324 dimple pattern for improved spin and distance.
SpinSkin Technology is an advanced molecular coating structure that improves both spin performance and feel, providing the golfer with extra confidence to take on the golf course. Spin Skin creates more friction between the golf ball and clubface to produce incredible feel, spin and control from your wedges.It also profits from a highly resilient and durable soft thin cover that provides outstanding spin and control with the short irons.
The Srixon AD333 is ideal for mid-handicap golfers with swing speeds of 75pmh and above.

NEW 2018 AD333 Tour - Pure White
The new AD333 Tour is designed specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds looking for the quality of performance and feel of a tour ball. The AD333 Tour has a lower compression making it easier to compress giving golfers the optimal distance on full shots.
The new AD333 Tour has a softer E.G.G core which optimizes distance and accuracy resulting in less backspin and sidespin for full shots go straighter and farther. Now in its third generation the Spin Skin proprietary soft elastic coating creates higher friction at impact for tour-level spin control on approach shots and greenside pitches. It's reveolutionary 388 Speed Dimple pattern is a low-drag design which improves accuracy in all wind conditions.

Srixon Soft-Feel Golf Balls
The Srixon Soft-Feel Golf Ball has been produced for golfers with a lower club head speed. The ball is a 2 piece construction similar to the Srixon AD333 golf ball but will feel much softer. The soft compression is ideal for slower swing speeds and is very popular amongst beginners, seniors and ladies. We would recommend this golf ball for mid and higher handicap players as it has excellent durability, similar to the Srixon AD333 golf ball.

Srixon Lady Soft-Feel Golf Balls
The Lady Soft-Feel is our best selling lady golf ball as it is suitable for all golfers with a low club head speed. The ball will perform in a similar way to the mens version, but is designed for even slower swing speeds. It is also very durable, with low spin for maximum distance.
The Lady Softfeel is ideal for mid to high handicap players and is great value for money.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Balls
Launched in 2016, the UltiSoft Golf Ball is the softest golf ball ever manufactured by Srixon. An innovative new core design produces a softer feel and maximises energy transfer at impact for more long game distance. This new low compression core also creates a higher launch angle and lower spin, resulting in straighter distance. We would recommend the UltiSoft golf ball to the mid to high handicap player looking for a solid all round performing ball. This is a great value for money golf ball, and certainly does offer long game benefits for the slower swinger.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls
This is the longest and most durable golf ball produced by Srixon. The Srixon Distance ball is ideal for high handicap players looking for maximum distance. It is an excellent value golf ball that performs well against any other distance golf ball on the market. The Srixon Distance ball is not ideal for players with slow swing speeds and will not spin like the Srixon Z-Star or Z-Star XV balls. This is the ideal choice for all golfers of all abilities, to deliver length with durability and forgiveness.

For more details on feature and benefits please view the individual products.