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Which Ball Should I choose?

Here is a simple guide to help you select the correct golf balls for yourself or as a present for someone else.

We have a huge selection of golf balls for you to choose from all the major golf ball manufacturers. To select the correct golf ball you should consider the durability, feel (compression), spin rate and distance which will be different with every golf ball and manufacturer. If you need help selecting the correct golf ball have a look at the information below or contact us for more details.

What level of golfer are you? Low, middle, high handicapper or a beginner?

In general the quality and performance of golf balls increases the more you pay. Quality budget golf balls start from around £10/box, ideal for beginners or someone with a high handicap. Quality mid range golf balls start from around £15/box and rise to around £30/box for the tour/low handicap golfer.


Budget (Beginners): These golf balls are usually 2 piece balls designed for distance and durability. Prices range from £5 - £13 per dozen. 

Mid-Range: We have a large selection which are usually 2 or 3 piece balls. They offer good durability and spin and the prices start from around £13 per dozen.

Premium: These are used by better players and professionals because they have excellent spin rates but they are less durable. Prices start from around £22 per dozen and our most popular is the Titleist ProV1.

For more information carry on reading the information below...

Do you prefer distance or do you want a softer feel around the green?

A general rule of thumb is to think about whether you want more distance or more spin. If you hit the ball a long way then go for more spin to help you around the greens, otherwise stick with a distance type ball as this will give you more benefit off the tee.

The 4 major technical factors (not price) in choosing a golf ball are:

Durability: Most of our budget and mid range golf balls are extremely durable. The more expensive tour balls tend to be less durable due to the softer cover giving extra spin.

Feel: Most of our budget golf balls will feel fairly hard and will give exceptional distance. We have a selection of softer mid range golf balls giving more feel around the greens. Our tour/low handicap balls will all feel softer but do vary between product and brands.

Spin Rate: Our tour/low handicap balls offer the highest spin rate which will stop quicker on the greens. Some of our mid range balls spin well and our budget golf balls offer less spin but give more distance.

Flight/Trajectory: The design and cover of a golf ball will determine the launch angle, giving a higher/lower flight.

What time of year is it? In the summer use a softer, spin ball when distance is not such a problem, but in the winter use a distance ball as both the temperature and the wetter fairways will take considerable distance off your tee shots. Furthermore, in the winter balls tend to stop easier on the greens thus negating the need for a softer golf ball. In winter it might be worth considering using a coloured golf ball making it easier to find on a frosty morning.

Still not sure? We offer a professional custom fitting golf ball service so why not call our golf pro on 01491 562107 to be fitted to the correct golf ball for you. He will ask a few simple questions to determine which will be the best golf balls to suit your ability and style of play.

 Is the ball that you are playing good for your game?

Diagnostic Testing to Find Your Best Golf Ball

Our ball fitting process will tailor a Golf Ball to suit you and your personal swing. Going bespoke you guarantee your not been hampered by incorrect components. Our in house ball fitting ensures that your golf balls complement your game.
The following information is crucial for our ball fitting process:
Swing speed Trajectory
Ball speed Durability


1. A few minutes consultation, asking the needs of the player, current ball used and aims for the future.

2. Radar testing using their current prefered ball, noting the important statistics.

3. Testing other golf balls to achieve the perfect spin rate, ball speed, trajectory and distance.

Most golfers will benefit from custom ball fitting. A few crucial extra yards can often be gained by changing and using bespoke golf balls. Some of our customers have increased their distance by over 20 yards, giving them extra confidence and a better tempo, which is extremely important for a consistant golf game.

Golf Ball Chooser Chart

Tour/Low Handicap Low/Mid Handicap Mid/High Handicap High Handicap

Callaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Hex Chrome
Callaway Hex Chrome+
Callaway Speed Regime 1
Callaway Speed Regime 2
Callaway Speed Regime 3
Nike RZN Tour Black
Nike RZN Tour Platinum
TaylorMade Tour Preferred
TaylorMade Tour Preferred X
Titleist Pro V1
Titleist Pro V1x
Srixon Z-Star XV
Wilson FG Tour


Callaway X2 Hot+
Nike RZN Speed Red
Nike RZN Speed White
Srixon AD333 Tour
TaylorMade AeroBurner Pro
TaylorMade Projext (a)
Titleist NXT Tour
Titleist NXT Tour S
Wilson DX3 Spin

Distance Golf Balls
Callaway HEX Hot
Nike Crush
Titleist Velocity

Feel Golf Balls
Callaway Superhot 55
Srixon AD333
Srixon Soft-Feel
Srixon UltiSoft
Titleist DT SoLo
Titleist DT TruSoft
Wilson DX2 Soft

Distance Golf Balls
Callaway Warbird
Callaway Strata Tour
Callaway Strata Jet
Nike Power Distance Long 
Srixon Distance
Srixon Tour Special
TaylerMade Kalea 
TopFlite XL 7000 
Wilson Tour Velocity Distance 
Wilson Ultra 

Feel Golf Balls
Callaway Supersoft
Callaway Solaire
Nike Power Distance Soft
Pinnacle Soft

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We have golf balls for every handicap and budget, and all the major brands. Playing with the right ball can make a real difference in your game.