Zero Friction Golf Tees (3 1/4")

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Zero Friction Golf Tees
Zero Friction is the hottest performance golf tee available in golf today. Each week, PGA Tour players, LPGA players, and long drivers rely on Zero Friction for more distance and accuracy. Since claiming a victory the very first week the golf tee was on tour, Zero Friction has now had over 30 PGA Tour victories and over 210 top-10 finishes to date.

Zero Friction’s unique design drastically reduces the contact area between the tee and ball. This reduction in surface area decreases the amount of friction producing longer, straighter drives. Independent testing proves that with a 100 mph swing speed, a golfer can gain up to 4 yards of distance and over 5 yards of accuracy. Zero Friction are also safe for golf course mowers.

  • 3-prong top significantly reduces the contact are between the ball and tee providing unparalleled distance and accuracy.
  • Rated longest, most accurate tee in independent laboratory test.
  • An environmentally friendly product manufactured with recycled materials
    Each pack contains 50 tees.

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