Logo Gallery

Logo Gallery

A gallery of our past projects and behind the scenes glimpse of the pad printing process.

Here you can see how our pad printing process works. A vector (.ai, .eps, or .pdf) logo is separated by our design team into individual colours and a visual proof is created. Once the proof has been approved, the design for each individual colour is printed out on acetate and then etched onto a metal plate through a special process. The pad printing machine must be reconfigured for each new job - pads are attached, plates inked - and colour by colour each ball is stamped. The newly printed balls then need to dry and set to a beautiful permanent finish.

Logo golf balls printed in-house. from Best4Balls on Vimeo.

Here we have a selection of some of our printed balls.

A selection out of in-house printed logo golf balls. from Best4Balls on Vimeo.

Coloured Logo Golf Balls

Here's a selection of our great-looking Logo-printed coloured balls.