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How to add a photo or logo

How to Add your Photo or Logo

This is an easy guide to help you personalised your golf balls with a photo, logo or a special message. Our personalised golf balls are shipped within 2-3 days but we also have express same day and next day options.

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Getting Best Results Tip #1 - Group Shots Getting Best Results Tip #2 - Coloured Balls

If you have a group photograph, be aware that in order to fit as much of the image as possible on the ball, they will become quite small.

Instead, where possible try to choose photos with just a couple of faces close together for best results.

To illustrate:

group ball 1vs group ball 2

If you're ordering personalised printing onto a coloured ball, please be aware that colour on colour can produce undesired results. A photo printed on a hot pink or otherwise brightly coloured ball can cause a colour distortion so we will print a white base first then print the photograph on top. If you have concerns about printing onto a coloured ball, please contact customer service who will be able to advise you further: 01491 526107