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How long will it take to print my order?

Your personalised golf balls will be shipped within 2-3 working days of placing the order.

Can I get my printing done on a different make of golf ball?

Yes! You can get the printing done on any of our range of balls (except for the black or dark golf balls).

Are there any extra costs for printing or a set up charge?

No! The only additional cost is P&P as displayed on the website.

Trucky the Best 4 Balls mascotI selected next-day delivery on my personalised order but didn’t receive my balls the day after I ordered them?

Personalised orders require printing and processing. This is the Dispatch Lead Time. Delivery lead times are from dispatch. When placing the order please select the dispatch time you require (standard printing and dispatch is 2-3 working days)

How much text can I have printed?

There is a maximum of 3 lines of text on both sides of the ball and to make it readable you should limit the wording to a maximum of 15 characters otherwise it starts to get too small to read.

Can I have one picture on the front and another printed on the back of the golf ball?

Yes! It will only cost an extra £4 per box for the additional image.

Can I have a different picture or text printed on each ball?

Yes you can! Please email us at contact@best4balls.com or call us for a quotation.

What format of picture do you require?

We can receive pictures as a EPS, JPG, BMP or TIF. These are best sent via email.

How many people can you print on the golf ball?

The best results are obtained if you just print the head and shoulders of 1 or 2 people. You can print more but the picture image starts to get a bit small.

Can you edit my picture to extract just a face for me?

Yes! Just call us or write your requirements in an email and we will do our best to get what you want.

I only have a printed photograph, is this any good?

I am afraid not. What you should do is scan the photo into your (or a friends) computer then you can email us the picture.

Will the image wear off?

With this particular method of printing the image will gradually wear with use, although golf balls are often lost before the picture has deteriated too much.

What colour text can you print?

Most, except for the very light colours (including white).

Can I have a photo printed onto a coloured golf ball?

Yes, but the results may not be as good as printing onto a white ball, depending on the colour of the ball and photo.

What fonts can you print?

Almost any, please let us know what you require.

What is the minimum number of balls you can print?

The smallest order we take is just 1 box of 12 balls using our Personalised Golf Balls service.

What if I want a larger order?

For orders over 12 dozen you should use our Logo Golf Balls service

To discuss your requirement or to place an order please call us on: 0845 257 7641.
Or email us at: contact@best4balls.com

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