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Callaway Golf Balls

We stock the full range of Callaway golf balls to cater for all types of players.

The golf balls are packed in sleeves of three within the dozen boxes.
You can personalise our Callaway golf balls with a special message, picture or logo.
For corporate logo orders view our Callaway logo golf balls page.
Free shipping is available for 6 or more boxes and orders are shipped the same working day if placed before 3pm (excluding logo or personalised orders).

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Get the whole range of Callaway Golf Balls from us. Order them plain, or click 'Personalise' to add a photo text or logo. Printing lead times are only 2-3 working days, with express options available. Most of our balls come as a box of 12 - an outer box and then 4 sleeves of 3 balls packed inside.
Features and Benefits

Callaway Golf Balls
Here are the features and benefits for all Callaway golf balls, which should make it easier for you to choose the correct golf balls for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Our PGA Professional staff has stringently tested the golf balls using our golf ball flight monitor including ball flight, spin rate and durability. If you’re unsure you can select by price or use our simple budget, mid-range or premium golf ball selector.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls:
Callaway have extended their Chrome Soft offering with the new Chrome Soft X golf ball range. Both Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X allow you to compress the ball on iron shots for an incredibly soft feel. The 4 piece construction ball offers higher ball speeds and spin rates. From a performance perspective both balls give oustanding greenside control.
So what is the main difference between Chrome Soft and the new Chrome Soft X golf balls? Overall Chrome Soft give the softest feel and a high and straight flight. Chrome Soft X are still soft but the "X" means a firmer feel. This ball aims to spin a little more in irons from 5 down to wedge. The Chrome Soft ball gives low spin off the driver for maximum ball speed and distance.
We would recommend Chrome Soft for golfers with a low to mid handicap with a medium/fast swing speed of 80-95mph. The Chrome Soft X golf ball would suit a player with a faster swing speed of 95mph+

The Callaway Chrome Soft range also includes the Truvis golf ball, bringing to your game the same soft feel ball and perfomance on distance and the green, but with enhanced visibility and focus. The unique pentagonal design on the ball makes it appear bigger than a plain golf ball, therefore much easier to see around the green.
In play, you will simply be getting a clearer view and insight into the spin and roll of the ball in each shot you play. These balls are available in various colours - red & white, yellow & black and the newly added pink & white design. The Truvis design is available in the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls

Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls:
New in 2016 the Callaway Superhot 55 ball is super long, super straight, and has a low 55 compression to give you an incredibly soft feel. The aerodynamics of the ball give a low drag and optimal lift for a strong flight that keeps the ball in the air longer.
So the Superhot 55 will give you more distance from tee-to-green. The soft mantle and cover system work together to create low spin reducing hooks and slice for more control in your ball's flight.
The Callaway Superhot 55 is ideal for a high handicap golf and suitable for swing speeds of up to 80mph.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls:
The softest Callway ball there is! The latest version of this ball, launched in 2017, has the lowest compression at only 35. It is a full 20 points softer then some of the most popular 2-piece balls on the market./br> The main advantage of a soft golf ball is that they spin less than firmer golf balls from the tee, so they should be longer and straighter, making them ideal for golfers who struggle in that area of their game. The Supersoft is the ideal ball for a high handicap golfer and suitable for golfers with a swing speed below 95mph. Supersoft are available in white, pink and yellow.

Callaway Solaire Golf Balls:
New in 2016 the Callaway Solaire golf balls are the perfect ball for lady golfers to give increased distance for long club shots. Combined with their soft feel, this provides improved accuracy for straighter shots. A highly resiliant core for more distance means you can hit balls further, making it easier on the greens.
The Warbird is two piece golf ball designed for distance and durability.
This is a low spin golf ball which will deliver a very good launch off the driver, which is why it tested out as our longest ball off the tee. We would recommend the Warbird to beginners and high handicap golfers looking for a durable distance golf ball that is also excellent value for money. These golf balls are available in both yellow and white.

We also have available a range of Callaway clearance balls